Gutters with continuous hook MC

T-Rex marque déposée

Our maintenance-free product that blocks leaves and ice. 

When there are no conifers around, it is PERFECT!

Two thicknesses available

New protective wire mesh
Deux épaisseurs sont disponibles
A gutter with a leaf guard
Water flowing over a gutter with the T-Rex protection grid
Gouttière noire avec grillage de protection noire
It is very dangerous to remove the leaves from the gutters ourselves

Cleaning of gutters with Alurex M-5300

Eavestrough cleaning is offered at the beginning of the season and is accompanied by the installation of the M-5300 leaf guard, which is installed on existing eavestroughs so that they do not have to be cleaned every year.



Rot caused by the absence of gutters


Superb New White Soffit
Men working at height

The efficiency of your eavestrough depends on the quality of the installation. Our teams will meticulously adjust your eavestroughs with specialized tools and equipment to ensure a good slope to the downspouts, as water stagnation in the center of the eavestrough must be avoided.

New beige fascia
Beautiful black gutters arranged at the house
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